Sunday, December 30, 2007

5 Things you dont know about me.

5. I hate doing Special Occasion hair. Nothing stresses me out more than a 16 year old on prom day. Do your hair yourself. I hate being asked to do it. You might think I can do an OK job, but I cant. All my updos look like poo!!

4.I think or I guess I know I am really good at my job. I am the best at cutting short hair and I know it. And I am not afraid to tell you. I also think my hair is cuter than yours.

3. Me and my husband were best friends in Jr. High. We hung out everyday. We rode the bus together. He played basketball with me even though he doesn't like basketball. He was my first real kiss. (not being dared or spin the bottle)

2. I still get mad when I think about playing church sports. Don't even talk about the volleyball tournament with me. And that dang 6th ward!!

1. I love being a mom more than anything. It is the best job. I love being married and having a family. My life couldn't have turned out more perfect!!

And I have to add that most people don't know that my #1 most irrational fear is Zombies. I know that one day a zombie will kill me. And my husband, knowing that this is my fear. Takes me to go see I Am Legend last night. Are you kidding me. I couldn't sleep at all last night.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Ethan and Oliver

Daddy and Oliver
Mommy and Ethan
Ethan and Oliver
My Olls
My Ethan

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


We started the morning at 5;30. For some reason the kids cant sleep past that right now. So once me and Tom pulled ourselves out of bed, we took the kids down to see their presents. We only get them one thing each because they get so much from everyone else. So Ethan got a Mr. Potato Head with pirate accessories. And Oli got a blocks set. Daycare got Ethan a gun. We will see how that goes. They both made out pretty good. We have some nice toys. All of which require batteries. Oh well. We had a great Christmas eve at Nana's house where Ethan got a really cool tool table and Oli got some nice new cloths and an Elmo and a piggy bank. (We are very in to piggy banks at our house.)
Ethan opening his gun.
Oli's new blocks.
Oli's new Mickey Mouse outfit. ( I know I am usually way against licensed characters on cloths but this isn't too bad.)
This is Ethan's way cool tunnel and tent set. It also has the tents that connect. They don't fit in the living room so we put one in his room. He took a nap in it today. We had a really great Christmas. Thanks so much everyone!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Too Many Days Off

I really am not in the mood to add to my blog today and I feel like I will never be in the mood to add to it so I am just going to do if really fast.

First I just want so start with I could never be a stay at home mom. I just couldn't. I give it up to all those who can and do. In a nut shell my week and last weekend has gone as follows.
Oli had a 103 degree fever and rash, but as 2 different doctors told me, there is nothing wrong with him. My favorite words to come out of doctors mouths. He was so not sick that he couldn't go to daycare on Tuesday. At least I got a break from the 2 year old maniac. but I woke up this morning to Ethan, not giving me a kiss or telling me good morning. But to him crying and smearing poop, yes poop, all over me. We immediately got in the shower. I think this really was the most gross thing that has ever happened to me. Ya you might tough a little poop when your changing a diaper but to have it all over your shirt and stomach ug gross!!!!! then when we get out Oli wakes up. (I am thankful he wasn't involved in Poopfest 07) so I take them down stairs to get Ethan's diaper and I am on the phone with my sis. When of course Ethan yells MOM POOP!! Fortunately only a little got on the foot stool and most of if was on the wood part. Oh and I think I forgot to mention that when I say poop I don't mean the regular poop (if there is such a thing) I mean pure liquid poop. Sorry to be so graphic but I need you to understand what I have been through.

Santa pictures turned out good. We went on a Wednesday morning so there was no one else there.
On a lighter note, we got the tree decorated last week. Getting ready to take this picture I moved the step stool closer to the tree for Ethan to stand on. Then I was stepping back when I stepped on something swishy. Well it was Toms arm. I fell over landing on the foot stool (that was later pooped on) and with the momentum flew over that and landed head first on the couch. It was as if Ethan had never seen anything so funny.
This is Oli taking an extra long nap to sleep off the fever. It didn't go away till yesterday so he had the fever from Friday through Wednesday. On Monday afternoon he went down for his 2:00 nap and he didn't wake up until 6:30 Tuesday morning. He scared the crap out of me. But I didn't want to wake him if he was that tired.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Warning: Never get a 2 year old a gun. Let me explain. A couple of weeks ago we went to a new hunting store that opened in our area. You might know of it, Cabela's. It is the biggest store I have ever been in. The center of it store is a huge mountain that has every animal that lives in the mountains, on it. You can walk through the mountain and is has a fish tank full of salmon and so on. Upstairs they have an African animal area with elephants and zebra and a really scary lion. Anyway, in the kid section they have pop guns. It is a rifle style made of wood and it has a plastic stopper in the end that shoots out but stays connected so it doesn't get lost. I am very anti gun and swore I would never let my kids have one, but I had a moment of weakness and let his grandma get it for him. He loves that thing more than ANYTHING. The second he wakes up its wheres my gun. I have to bribe him sometimes with it. We decided last week to take it away for a while. He was getting a little to violent with it. It started out with we don't shoot people we shoot animals. But not cats and dogs, we shoot deer and elk. He understood as well as a 2 year old can. We have this stuffed animal dragon that great grandma got him and he loves to have his dad throw it in the air and he shoots it. He could do that all day. But then he started shooting bad guys, which then turned in to him shooting me and Oli and his dad. So he doesn't have his gun anymore but I just put him in the shower and he said wheres my gun? He was referring to his letters that stick to the wall in the shower/bath. He turned the b's into guns. He also turned his toy leather man in to a gun. So hopefully you don't make the same mistake I did and get a 2 year old a gun.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ethan totally wiped out after a fun packed weekend. We are going to Karli's next weekend. Is it ever going to end?

One Busy Weekend

Well our weekend was full of fun. No time to rest at all. It started with Tom and his Dad taking the boys to the John Deere store to see Santa. ( Big Tom and Ethan are obsessed with John Deere anything.) My Tom didn't realize they would be getting their pictures taken. Which if you look closely at their outfits, its not something I would have dressed them in for pictures with Santa. Oli in jammies? Such a man thing to do.
So that all took place while I was at work. I worked a half day so I could take Ethan to our neighbors 4th birthday party. It was at a gymnastics gym. We had a blast. This is Ethan in the pit. And if you look in the background you can see our neighbor throwing his 3 year old into the pit. I wanted to jump in too but I didn't want to get in trouble. When we got home we went to Nana's house for a little while and decided to go home, order pizza and watch a movie. Ethan picked out The Jungle Book. I love singing those songs.
Then I took Nana home and went home and crashed. As Sunday morning was my morning to get up with the kids. Then on Sunday morning Nana came and picked up Ethan to take him to church with her. She said he was just singing all the Christmas songs even though he didnt know the words. When Church was over we went to Nana's house to drop off Oli and pick up Ethan. This was the only day we could get our Christmas tree and it was raining. So when it let up we decided we better do it or we would have to wait until the week of Christmas to get it. And tree's are expensive I am not only having it up for 1 week. Plus I love the smell.
Anyway back to the point. We got down to the tree farm. We walked around for about 15 minutes and found this beautiful tree. There is no holes in it at all. We let Ethan pick it out and his only requirement was that it was green. He didn't get a nap yet so he was being very tired and wanted held the whole time. But on the plus side (and Lindsey you totally missed out) They got brand new saw's. The last 2 years at this place it took FOREVER to cut them down because the saw was so dull. This year it was down in less than 5 minutes. Which helped a lot because it started to rain. So we got some hot chocolate and I being the Sheera that I am helped load the tree on top of the car.
When we got home we gave the boys a bath. Mainly because Ethan dribbled chocolate down his shirt. And then we put them in Oli's crib while we sorted some laundry. Then we went back to Nana's for a delicious roast and York Shir Pudding. Ethan was so tired when we got home he fell asleep at 7:20 watching his favorite show. AFV. I am wiped out!!
Ethan loves his brother and his Hoot.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Best Family Ever

I really have the best family ever. For Christmas they got together to give me enough money so I can take a 4 day hands on technical and design class. I am so excited to take it and I am even a little nervous. I realized that I go to hair shows all the time but I haven't taken a hands on class since my first year out of school. Good thing I am dang good at what I do. :) So I am just so thankful that my family is always there when I need them. Thanks so much you guys. It really means a lot. When I get asked what I want for Christmas I really cant say. I have everything I want and could possible need. But the one thing I always need is one of my sisters. All I want for Christmas is for one of them (or all of them) to come home. I am having some serious withdrawals as I normally do. Luckily I get to go see Kar next weekend.


My Oli

We went and had pictures with Santa yesterday. Some thing always goes wrong so I was just waiting to see what it was going to be. I got both boys fed and dressed and covered Oli with a towel because he barfs all the time. So we leave the house and as I am driving I hear him Grunting. No, he is not barfing, he is pooping. So great I am thinking he is going to poop all over this outfit. I was going to the mall so I could have gotten a new outfit but anyway I pulled over to assess the damage and luckily there was no leakage. So we get to the mall and Ethan was so excited to see Santa and get a candy cane. As soon as we see him of course Ethan freaks a little but he warmed up. We got a great picture but we couldn't get Oli to smile. He was just chillen. When we got home I took a few of great pictures Oli in this cute outfit. Thanks Nana.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our weekend

Thanksgiving was a good day. We went out to Toms grandparents. We only stayed about 3 hours then drove the 2 hours back home. We went to Nana's house for pie. She didn't make a pumpkin pie though. What is that? So on Friday she came to my house and we made two of them. We had a pretty low key weekend. We got some Christmas shopping done on Saturday. We spent a lot of time at Nana's house. Ethan just loves playing with her new puppy Rusty. He is actually a pretty good dog for being a puppy still.
We had such a nice time with Tom being home, on Monday morning when Ethan came in our room he said, Oh no mom dad is lost. I said he had to go to work and he said, but I love him. He has also been telling his dad how proud of him he is. So funny.
Ethan just loved the shower and bath. He discovered he can lay down with his face out of the water. So this was pretty much how he spent his bath time.
We love going to Nana's house. Ethan found these Halloween pencils and would not put them down the whole time we were there. And Every time we went back over he would go straight for the pencils.
Oli likes to be held, but then he starts twisting around until you put him down. He loves rolling around the floor. We went to the doctor Monday and he weighed in at 16lbs 12 oz. He is in the 25%. And in a nut shell he wasn't getting enough to eat for about 2 months. So I was starving him. He has some catching up to do. The doc said he is doing great though. He got 4 shots and didn't like that at all. But who does. When we got home Ethan told his dad that the doctor hurt his brother.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

So we haven't had a very eventful week. Besides we are all sick and Oli wont sleep at night anymore. Not a lot going on. Ethan is just being is happy, silly self. Oli is happy as long as you are within 3 feet of him. I know his hair looks a little red in this picture but it actually has no red at all. Not even a hint. For some reason the lighting in my house makes it look red.
To give you a size chart. These are 3-6 month Jammies. He is 6 months now.
I think he thinks I am a little nuts. he gives me silly looks a lot.
You can tell they both are so excited to have their picture taken.
This is Ethan's favorite shirt. He really hasn't cared what he wears at all. This was taken on Sunday and on Monday morning when he woke up, he came in my room and said mom put this shirt on. I told him that he wore it yesterday and it was dirty. Lets just say he wore it on Monday too. We went to a friends house and she was babysitting her 2 year old nephew. They had the best time together. They played for 4 hours and didn't fight at all. When we had to leave the other boy was so sad he was crying. Its so fun to see your kids play with other kids their age. I had the best afternoon watching.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Mr. Blue Eyes

Look at Oli's beautiful eyes. I just love looking at them. He is such a sweet baby. (except when he wont nurse and just screams his head off) Sorry for the finger and the shoe in this picture. He just looks so cute.

I decided to give him some rice cereal on Friday night. Boy did he eat that up. His spoon coordination was amazing. Ethan was about 4 months when we started him, and I think it makes a big difference when they are a little
older. I figured I had been starving him enough
it was time to try and fatten him up. According to my mom he is as tiny as his cousin GJ is fat. So we will see how fast we can get him up there.

My other sweet boy had a really rough night last night. He was up three times having a really hard time breathing. Then crying so hard that didn't help any. It really did scare me. He would start coughing so hard he just couldn't breath. He woke up about 5 (which is totally normal) and you wouldn't even know he was sick and had a tough night. But when he went down for his afternoon nap it started all over again. I gave him some animal crackers and apple juice and we watched Zathura. He really likes movies with robots in it. He loves transformers. Oli took a good nap so we had a nice time together. You forget how much you love one on one time with them until you get it. He gave me so many hugs and kisses today and couldn't stop telling me how much he loves me. Nothing is better than that. I love being a mom so much. Tonight he wanted to play games with dad. We have a Nintendo Wii and he just loves holding on to that remote. Unfortunately he bangs it on stuff all the time. He is going to break it pretty soon. He loves the video games though. I do not want
a video game head kid though. But I think I am out of luck since that's all my husband wants to do. I like to play the old school games but we don't have any yet. They did just come out with Mario brothers 3 for original Nintendo on the Wii so maybe I will get that. Wait, I dont have time to play video games what am I thinking? I did have time to make Karli's banana bread though. I left out a whole cup of sugar and unfortunately you can tell. Tom cant but I can. Oh well I am trying to cut down on the sugar anyway.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We had a Happy Halloween

Well the night is over and the kids are in bed. We had a pretty fun night. We had some girls from work and their kids over, and the Neighbors came over and Shawnie and Franie. We had 10 kids in the bunch. When everyone got here we ate some food and played until everyone was ready to trick or treat. We made it down and half way around the street. All the kids were ready to go home except Emma. She stayed out and hit up a few more houses before she came back. Oli wend out with us and fell asleep on the walk. Half way through Ethan just wanted to be held. That's when we decided to end it. I am not holding a 35 pounder trick or treating. And the best part was the first house we went to. Ethan, Emma and the two neighbor kids go up to the house and when the guy opens the door all of then just walk in to his house. He thought it was pretty funny. Ethan was just checkin it all out. It was the same layout as my house so I think they were confused. It was pretty funny though. My costume was fabulous except it was made for Karli and my boobs are about 1000 times bigger than hers. I pretty much couldn't breath but it was cute. Tom was a very cute Pirate. He couldn't wear the eye patch though. He took his glasses off and already couldn't see and the eye patch made it worse. So that was our fun night. I will definitely do it again next year.
Oli is the cuties Bumble Bee ever.
That is one Hot pirate!!
Gotta love the finger up the nose. Candy isn't good enough I guess.
Ethan was done wearing his costume so I made him put it back on so I could get one family picture.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So this is a bit blurry but its the only Tom took of Oli so its all I have till tomorrow. I went to Portland last weekend to go to a Hair Show. I took some really good classes. Some of the stuff they come up with is pure nuts. You would never think to cut hunks of hair off like they did. But it laid perfectly on the head. Now I just need someone to let me practice these new techniques on. So while I was gone Tom had the boys. I love that I can leave and I don't have to tell him exactly what to do. When to change them, what to feed them and when they need naps. He is really good when left alone with them. Nana took Ethan down to a Halloween carnival on Saturday. They did lots of fun things there. He came home with a bag of spiders that he found in a hay stack. Then that night he went to Trunk or Treat at Nana's church. I guess he did not want to put on the costume at all but when he got there and saw all the kids in their costumes he just had to have his. He came home with lots of treats so I guess they had a good time.
There is tons of padding in this costume. Oli is not even close to being this big.
Not that you can tell, but he didn't want to have this on. He loved passing candy out to all the kids. Tomorrow we are having a small Halloween party. Tom is going to be a pirate. I got him an eye patch and an earring. I cant wait.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

We carved our pumpkins last night. Nana came over to help. Ethan could not decide what he wanted on his pumpkin. Finally going back and forth between a pirate ship or a smile face. He chose the smile face. He saw Ryan's pumpking pictures and wanted one like that. I went for a witch on my huge pumpkin. It is so big Oli fit inside of it. I broke the stem off of it when I tried to pull the top off. So Tom had to get a pry bar to get it off. It worked with no damage to the pumpkin. They turned out pretty cool. We had a fun night. For dinner I made pizza rolls that Winny told us about. So good. And they are good the next day too. Thanks for that recipe.
Nana and Oli watching us get out pumkins ready.
How cute is this? He fit right inside.
Ethan and his smile face pumpkin.
Me and my witch. I accidently cut the top of the witch's broom off. You cant really tell though.
Tom brought this picture home from his desk and I seriously thought I was looking at Shawn.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bathtub Boys

Not twins but definatly brothers.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A great week

We had a nice week this week. Tuesday me and Ethan got to stay home together. We went to a diner for breakfast and Ethan had Mickey Mouse blueberry pancakes. Oh and not to forget Oli jumped out of his swing Tuesday morning also. He thought that was the funniest thing ever. I did not so much. Wednesday Shawnie came over and we had a fun day with the kids. He went to the store and I watched all 4 by my self. Easy. I could totally do that all the time. Maybe not. On Wednesday night I had bunko's at my house. We were down one player so Ethan so kindly joined in. He loved rolling the dice. Thursday morning Oli rolled over (the hard way) I was talking to Shelly on the phone and he just did it. So exciting for me. Friday we had pizza for dinner and Ethan says "OHHH pizza is my favorite." After dinner there was a commercial on TV that had kids eating apples so he says, "OHHH apples, my favorite" Every thing that comes out of this kids mouth is hilarious. Then on Saturday, I got off work early so we could go to the pumpkin patch, we had a great time. I got the biggest pumpkin I have ever had. Ethan and Emma got to go into the bounce house 2 times. Tom, Fran and I took Stevie, Emma, and Ethan on the hay ride. It was the wildest hay ride I have ever been on. One guy almost fell off the side, luckily I caught his foot with my knees. We weren't strapped in and you really had to hold on for dear life, but it was awesome. The best $1 I ever spent. We had a really great time. Today we are just relaxing. Ethan went to Nana's house so I have time to write in my blog.
Ok so this is not an accurate picture of him rolling all the way over, but this is as far as he was getting until Thursday. He finally made it all the way over. (From his back to his tummy)
My Ethan. I love that kid. He stayed home from daycare on Tuesday. He had a temp of 99 though he wasn't acting like it. We had a really fun day just me and him.
The pumpkin patch. He never did pick out his own pumpkin. I finally just said ok were getting this one. (not the one in this picture though)
My boys. We had a great time
Don't ask me how we got the kids to stand her long enough to actually take this picture but we did. Moments later Ethan took off.