Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Stevie!!!

We went to my brothers for my nephews 2nd birthday. We had a good dinner and some great cake that Shawn made all by himself. (very moist) He got some tractor books and a tractor that Oliver kept trying to ride even though its not that kind of tractor.
He did really good an blew out both his candles.
Waiting for the cake. Ethan not wanting his picture taken.
This is Oliver doing his hard core cheese. He really gets so excited to see the camera. He loves saying cheese.
You can see Ethan had eaten almost all of the frosting.

Not What we Planned

So all I can say is that after we re colored my hair with a few modifications to the formula this is not what it looked like. We ended up frying off a rather large piece of the blonde which then threw off the pattern and the haircut. And that was not cute enough to post. So today we cut off alot of my hair (which I love) and in the picture it looks really brown but it is red still.
And if you cant tell by my pose I love it. (that's for you shell)
I didnt have time to color my eyebrows though so I will do that asap.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Life Of A Hair Stylist

Well I decided to get crazy and do somthing I have never done before. Become a red head. I was totally freaking out but I love it.
Here I am as my usual blonde.
And here is a few angles of my red. We are still in Phase one of my coloring process so this isn't the finished product. On Thursday we will do the second round of color. Since my hair was so blown out platinum you have to color a few time to get the color to stick. And since red color molecules are so much bigger than blue and yellow they tend to fade twice as fast.

My sister Karli says it looks like a wig. So mean. I think its cute.
I have the same haircut. I didn't even get a trim but it looks so different to me now.

Random Days

Here are the boys being silly. They have been getting along so well lately. I love having 2 boys. They are so much fun.
Here is Ethan before we left the house for his first day of preschool. I am a tard and I thought his first day was the next week so we missed the first day and his second day was his first day. He had to brown bag it cause I wasn't prepared. We have since gotten him a way cool batman lunch box. When I picked him up after school he told me he wanted to live at preschool. He loves it.
I had a girl at work curl me hair. I thought it would be too short but it wasn't. When I got home Ethan said it looked "BEAUTIFUL!" He is such a sweetheart.
Here are the boys showing some brotherly love. Ethan has a tendency to choke Oliver out so we have to be careful.

Monday, September 15, 2008


On Sunday I went to a hair show and I was thinking that people that are not in my industry probably have no idea what they are and what we do there. We pretty much sit and watch. But they are always very entertaining. They usually have some good tips and techniques but they also have some really bad styles.
This guy thought this was so hot. I was a frizz puff on the top of her head.
This guy was doing stuff from like 3 years ago. Mo Hawk anyone?
These girls are about to get naked.
this girl is already half naked.
are those butt cheeks? They did have cute hair. This class was put on by Big Sexy Hair (its a product line) it was very entertaining. We were laughing so hard this whole class. Watch the video and you will see why. They had a DJ and he was great.