Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sweet Sweet Baby

Oli is such a sweet baby. He loved taking baths in the sink. I have to give him a bath more than normal because he likes to barf. So he gets it in the folds of his neck, and that smells wonderful. He hasnt been a snuggle baby but last night he fell asleep on my chest for the first time. Ethan wasnt suggley baby at all so even though I was so tired ( it was 8pm) I stayed up to rock and snuggle with him. Last night was also the first time he slept through the night. Halelluya!! 7:45 PM to 6:30 AM. Unfortunatly Ethan was up at 10, 10:30, 11, 11:30, and 11:45 I finally told him if he got up again he would get in trouble. He didnt get up again. Ethan also tells me when he wakes up that Azlan (his life size lion that his Great Grandma gave him) scared the monsters away up to the clouds. So good thing we have Azlan around. So hopefully both my boys will sleep tonight. I sure need it.

Can I ride the Tractor?

So last week we went down to TP's parents house. It was a really nice day. Their 5 acers is just a really big park now. It really is fun to go over there. Big Tom has 3 John Deere's and Ethan just loves them. So after feeding Brownie and Pan (the sheep and goat) he went on the Gator. He road that thing all morning and afternoon. When Janet wanted a break from driving Ethan whipped out the puppy dog eyes that he just started doing, and they were off again for who knows how much longer. We just cant get him off of it. He is getting pretty good at steering it though.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Not a chicken

So I actually have a minute to write in my blog. I dont really but I can be late to work. Well not really I do have clients lined up all day. But oh well. This weekend was really fun. I went to the puyllup fair with Shannon on Friday and we went to the Reba concert. (the tickets were for my mom's 60 birthday but she couldnt go.) We had a blast. Except there was a lady with a big head in front of my so I had to sit to the side for the whole show. On Saturday we went back to the fair with Tom's parents and took the kids. I thought Ethan was going to be a complete chicken but he went on all the rides and didnt want to get off. He had so much fun. And I had so much fun just watching him. I had a Krusty Pup and and icecream cone that came straight out of the cow. It was delicious. After Ethan went on his rides we found the John Deere tractors. Ethan did not want to get off of them. He loves John Deere. One of the guys working gave him a free hat. Which was nice because it was the one I wanted to buy him for $15. Unfortunatly everytime I try to put it on Ethan he says no. He loves his red flag hat. His head is just so big that one is getting to small even though its a 4T/5T. Sunday we had a nice family day. We stayed inside bacause it rained all day and just played. Oliver is getting so big. Not as big as his cousin but still big. He was up to 15 1/2 lbs last week. I just love his chubby legs. Monday night we had swim lessons for Ethan. It was his 3rd class. The kid is a fish. He love's jumping off the ledge and playing with the rubber ducks. He is getting better at getting out of the pool. He just has so much fun he could swim all night. And Besides getting into a swim suit I have a good time too.