Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Part 1

So far we have had Christmas at home. I love waking up in my own house Christmas morning. The boys as you can see got a riding horse and some cowboy guns and hats. They love it!

We still have to go to Nana's house and Grandma and Papa's house.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Not that we have been too busy, I just haven't been on the computer for awhile. The boys are good. We haven't been up to anything to exciting. Just hangin out at home. Ethan went to a really fun bounce house birthday today with Tom while me and Oliver hung out at home. Since the snow and cold is here we wont be leaving until it leaves.
As you can see we got some snow last night. Only about 2 inches, but enough to play in. We had to go inside pretty quick though because it was really cold. The snow didn't melt which means nether did the ice. I was really cold today.
Oliver did really like being pulled in the sled.
We have this same picture from last year.
The three of them are always having a good time. Oli isn't sure yet if he likes this.
He says Cold!!!
We had the last soccer game on Saturday. Ethan did really well when he wasn't taking off his shirt or picking his nose. Sicko.
Even at 3 and 4 these kids are really into it.
Yes this is in the middle of the game and No he is not paying attention at all.
He just git whacked in the head so he wasn't too happy.
He loves being goalie.
Last week we had family night and made a gingerbread house.
The boys loved it but wanted to eat it as we went.
Tom did a fabulous job with the trees.

Stealing some candy. What else is new?