Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My first 5K

I am so fast the pictures are blurry. It was so much fun. My time was 33:10 which is my best time so far. I normally run 3 miles in 34 or 35 minutes so I was really happy. There was about 250 people running and I was 140th so not to shabby.
I started running right after my sister ran her first 1/2 marathon. Me and my fabulous running partner are up to 5 miles. It feels so good to run. She runs about a minute faster than me. She finished in 31:56. Now we are looking for a 10K in August. It was a great time.

Ethan's Birthday

After we got home from NWT we went to the trail that I run on. It is really flat so it was perfect for Ethan to ride his bike and Tom and I to roller blade. He did such a good job pedaling and steering.
We had to help him a little.
Oli was just chillen in the stroller. He liked it when I pushed him really fast. He really enjoying looking at all the beautiful green trees, and birds. We didn't see any bunnies though. Usually when I run we see a couple. We saw a snake on our 5 mile run last week.
Here is me and Ethan going Super Fast!!
Here he is doing such a good job riding. He fell 2 times. The first being my fault. I had him going off the side in the grass and the bike fell over. We laughed and I said WIPE OUT he thought that was pretty funny and helped him not be scared. The second fall he just turned the wheel to hard and fell off. So we did the same thing and he laughed. No scrapes though so that probably helped. All in All we had a fabulous time all day.

Ethans 3rd Birthday At NW Trek

We went to North West Trek on Ethan's actual birthday. He had a great time. The Tram ride was the first thing we did. It was an hour long. Too long for the 8 kids we had with us, but it was fun. The animals were really close up to the tram so we got alot of them really well.
At one point he stopped paying attention to the animals and just wanted to kiss and hold baby Ryan. I think she is his new girlfriend.
Or maybe Brittney is. He was loven up on her alot too.
Here is a buffalo. They were in the road so we had to wait a little bit to move on. They were so big and so close.
This is the oldest goat I think they said in the world. It really looked like it.

Ethans 3rd Birthday Party

Ethan had a really great birthday party. Most of his friends and family were able to come and celebrate with him. He had a great Spider man cake that I didn't attempt to make my self. I left that to Safeway. They make really tasty cakes.

It wasn't super hot but warm enough to bust out the water guns. Ethan really enjoyed shooting everyone he could. His great grampa was a maniac and pored buckets of water on everyone he could if he knew them or not.

We got him his first bike for his birthday. Since he learned how to petal this year we thought it was time for this. He really likes it and wants to ride it in the house.We told him he had to take it outside from now on.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Sunny Day

Sunday was such a sunny day. We busted out the pool and the sprinkler under the trampoline. We had both grandma and Nana on it jumping up a storm with Ethan. Oliver didn't like the cold water in the pool so he wouldn't get in, but he got wet enough with Ethan splashing him.
Oliver and Grandma having a great afternoon soaking up the sun,
Me, grandma, aunt Shannon and Ethan getting a little wet. Ethan kept wanting us to butt bounce so we would get wetter.
Uncle JJ and Tom bouncing Ethan way to high
The big boys were getting to rowdy so Ethan had to get off.
That is Ethan saying cheese. He was having so much gun jumping with everyone.

A hard Days work.

I wasn't sure how I felt about Ethan touching the lawn mower, but what the heck he had fun. How cute are little kids. Everyday I still look at them and think, How the heck do I have 2 kids.
I just love watching them do new things. Tom had a great start to fathers day. He got to mow the lawn. Well its his fault he waited. He did get a good start though. I let him sleep in and then I made him french toast (his favorite) and I don't think he changed one diaper all day.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Batman and Robin


I know I always say this, but does it get any cuter than this??? No. I came home from work the other night and Tom has them in their super man jammies. The thing you don't see is that Tom is also wearing a super man shirt.

My Super Boys