Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We had a Happy Halloween

Well the night is over and the kids are in bed. We had a pretty fun night. We had some girls from work and their kids over, and the Neighbors came over and Shawnie and Franie. We had 10 kids in the bunch. When everyone got here we ate some food and played until everyone was ready to trick or treat. We made it down and half way around the street. All the kids were ready to go home except Emma. She stayed out and hit up a few more houses before she came back. Oli wend out with us and fell asleep on the walk. Half way through Ethan just wanted to be held. That's when we decided to end it. I am not holding a 35 pounder trick or treating. And the best part was the first house we went to. Ethan, Emma and the two neighbor kids go up to the house and when the guy opens the door all of then just walk in to his house. He thought it was pretty funny. Ethan was just checkin it all out. It was the same layout as my house so I think they were confused. It was pretty funny though. My costume was fabulous except it was made for Karli and my boobs are about 1000 times bigger than hers. I pretty much couldn't breath but it was cute. Tom was a very cute Pirate. He couldn't wear the eye patch though. He took his glasses off and already couldn't see and the eye patch made it worse. So that was our fun night. I will definitely do it again next year.
Oli is the cuties Bumble Bee ever.
That is one Hot pirate!!
Gotta love the finger up the nose. Candy isn't good enough I guess.
Ethan was done wearing his costume so I made him put it back on so I could get one family picture.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So this is a bit blurry but its the only Tom took of Oli so its all I have till tomorrow. I went to Portland last weekend to go to a Hair Show. I took some really good classes. Some of the stuff they come up with is pure nuts. You would never think to cut hunks of hair off like they did. But it laid perfectly on the head. Now I just need someone to let me practice these new techniques on. So while I was gone Tom had the boys. I love that I can leave and I don't have to tell him exactly what to do. When to change them, what to feed them and when they need naps. He is really good when left alone with them. Nana took Ethan down to a Halloween carnival on Saturday. They did lots of fun things there. He came home with a bag of spiders that he found in a hay stack. Then that night he went to Trunk or Treat at Nana's church. I guess he did not want to put on the costume at all but when he got there and saw all the kids in their costumes he just had to have his. He came home with lots of treats so I guess they had a good time.
There is tons of padding in this costume. Oli is not even close to being this big.
Not that you can tell, but he didn't want to have this on. He loved passing candy out to all the kids. Tomorrow we are having a small Halloween party. Tom is going to be a pirate. I got him an eye patch and an earring. I cant wait.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

We carved our pumpkins last night. Nana came over to help. Ethan could not decide what he wanted on his pumpkin. Finally going back and forth between a pirate ship or a smile face. He chose the smile face. He saw Ryan's pumpking pictures and wanted one like that. I went for a witch on my huge pumpkin. It is so big Oli fit inside of it. I broke the stem off of it when I tried to pull the top off. So Tom had to get a pry bar to get it off. It worked with no damage to the pumpkin. They turned out pretty cool. We had a fun night. For dinner I made pizza rolls that Winny told us about. So good. And they are good the next day too. Thanks for that recipe.
Nana and Oli watching us get out pumkins ready.
How cute is this? He fit right inside.
Ethan and his smile face pumpkin.
Me and my witch. I accidently cut the top of the witch's broom off. You cant really tell though.
Tom brought this picture home from his desk and I seriously thought I was looking at Shawn.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bathtub Boys

Not twins but definatly brothers.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A great week

We had a nice week this week. Tuesday me and Ethan got to stay home together. We went to a diner for breakfast and Ethan had Mickey Mouse blueberry pancakes. Oh and not to forget Oli jumped out of his swing Tuesday morning also. He thought that was the funniest thing ever. I did not so much. Wednesday Shawnie came over and we had a fun day with the kids. He went to the store and I watched all 4 by my self. Easy. I could totally do that all the time. Maybe not. On Wednesday night I had bunko's at my house. We were down one player so Ethan so kindly joined in. He loved rolling the dice. Thursday morning Oli rolled over (the hard way) I was talking to Shelly on the phone and he just did it. So exciting for me. Friday we had pizza for dinner and Ethan says "OHHH pizza is my favorite." After dinner there was a commercial on TV that had kids eating apples so he says, "OHHH apples, my favorite" Every thing that comes out of this kids mouth is hilarious. Then on Saturday, I got off work early so we could go to the pumpkin patch, we had a great time. I got the biggest pumpkin I have ever had. Ethan and Emma got to go into the bounce house 2 times. Tom, Fran and I took Stevie, Emma, and Ethan on the hay ride. It was the wildest hay ride I have ever been on. One guy almost fell off the side, luckily I caught his foot with my knees. We weren't strapped in and you really had to hold on for dear life, but it was awesome. The best $1 I ever spent. We had a really great time. Today we are just relaxing. Ethan went to Nana's house so I have time to write in my blog.
Ok so this is not an accurate picture of him rolling all the way over, but this is as far as he was getting until Thursday. He finally made it all the way over. (From his back to his tummy)
My Ethan. I love that kid. He stayed home from daycare on Tuesday. He had a temp of 99 though he wasn't acting like it. We had a really fun day just me and him.
The pumpkin patch. He never did pick out his own pumpkin. I finally just said ok were getting this one. (not the one in this picture though)
My boys. We had a great time
Don't ask me how we got the kids to stand her long enough to actually take this picture but we did. Moments later Ethan took off.

Monday, October 8, 2007

We had ha really good weekend. Oli got his second tooth on Saturday, so not even 5 months and he's got 2 teeth. Crazy. Me and Ethan are sick so we aren't sleeping well. He was up at 4:40 this morning. How fun for me. Oli is really starting to make a lot of noises now. He just talks all day. He can almost roll over from he back to his belly. He just cant get over that shoulder. And day now though. He is taking a really good nap for me this morning. I got both of them down at the same time. So actually I am going to take a nap too.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ethan and Oli are the same age in these pictures. I never really thought they looked alike, but wow they do in these.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

An end to a fabulous day

So the day got off to a wonderful start. I knew it was going to be one of those days. Ethan jumped in my bed at 5am and had something in his hand, what was it you ask? Scissors. Yes scissors. Why would I had them in a place where he can reach you are wondering? Well because he can reach everywhere. Oli did sleep for me till 7am and took 3 really good naps for me too. What did I find in his mouth? His first tooth. Not even 5 months and already a tooth. I made jam last week that is so delicious and so today I made biscuits. I made 4 and put jam on all of them. I couldn't wait. Ethan wanted some so I got his plate and gave him one. Oli started to fuss so I took him upstairs to take a nap. When I got back down stairs of course Ethan had eaten his biscuit and 2 of mine and he had the forth in his hand with a bite out of it. He then tells me "I share with mommy." When Oli wakes up we go to the store to get the Jungle Book that just came out yesterday. He was good so I got him a cup of nutter butters. It takes 3 minuted to get home from the store and the kid ate the whole cup. As I pull into the garage I see him stuff about 7 into his mouth. I wasn't going to take it away, I don't know what he was thinking.
So then we get home and I put the Jungle Book in. Oli is asleep and now Ethan thinks its a good idea to wake him up. He has been thinking that's a good idea for 2 days now. Luckily I catch him before he gets to the baby to wake him up. We are sitting on the couch watching the movie and out of the blue Armor-Head throws hid head right into my nose. Instant tears start pouring out of my eyes. I am sure that he broke my whole face open, but there's no blood. He just turned around and hugged me saying I sorry mommy I sorry. No cries its ok mommy. On top of that pain I started to get sick last night so my head is already in pain. After the movie was over we had to get ready for our last swim lesson. TP went straight from work to the pool so I had to get all three of us ready. We only left the house 5 minutes later than I wanted. We get to the pool and Nana was there too. Class went really well. Our friend that went with us in the class did really well too. Her and Ethan had so much fun together. He got a little certificate, so cute. Then Nana went home and Dad took Oli home so when we left I was hungry to I stopped at the first place I saw. Nuggets sounded good, but I just had a bad feeling about it. I went anyway. I get rear-ended in the drive through. Only me I am thinking. Ethan spilled a little of his milk and I have a little whip lash but we are fine. No damage done to my beast (my pilot) Luckily I wasn't in the civic. All I wanted to do was punch this guy but I had no energy. So I got home, TP checked out the damage, there was none so hopefully I don't wake up with a sore neck. I don't have time for that. Tomorrow can only get better, right? Oh And in the swim picture can you see that all my bangs are missing? I am totally bald.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!!

So we celebrated TP's birthday yesturday. Its actually today but we have swim lessons so we couldnt do it tonight. We had all the family over and we had a big mexican feast. Fahitas, Taco-enchalada cassarol, pico de gallo, bean dip. And I made a wonderful brownie-oreo-mint-vanilla icecream triffle. Delicious. Going through all of the pictues I took, I have none of TP. All of them are of the kids and Shawnie. Oli started off in a cute outfit but then of course barfed all over it 4 seconds after I put it on him. We all ate way to much but it was fantastic. We had the house cleaned by 9:30 so it was nice not to wake up to a mess. These two are just playing so well together (except when they want the same toy) when I got Ethan ready for bed I saw a bump by his eye so I ask him how he did that. His reply was, "I hit it on Emma's face." I am suprised Emma wasnt nocked unconcouse. Ethan's nickname is Armer-Head. That kid can knock anyone out if he hits you. Emma must just be use to it, Oli is. Well we had a fun day. The kids did sleep last night although Oli cried from 10-10:30 and Ethan was up at 5, oh well that's life.