Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas with the Irish's

We had Granpa and Grama Irish, Tom and Janet, Granpa Lindsey and Grama Pam, Aunt Shannon and Uncle Josh, and Nana and Papa Stan. It was a great Christmas this year.
Oliver handing out presents.
Oliver and more Cars toys.
Baby Hailey and her tissue paper.
Oli and Papa on his new roller skates.

End Of the Year

This is totally backwards. Start a the bottom then scroll up to look at the pictures. We had a great christmas and month of december.
This is me and Tom at his work Christmas party. Dont we look good.
He had no idea i got hhim this. I have never shocked him before.

Oli loves Lighting Mcqueen so everything he got was pretty much that.
Ethan made me some cute ornaments
The boys before we went down stairs.
Oli's abc book
Oliver Ethan Emma and Stevie
Oliver's sweet apron.
Ethan's sweet new apron.
The ginger bread house. Or Train.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Tree

We went and go our tree yesterday. It was bone-chilling cold. So we found one pretty fast. Its pretty. Tall as we usually go but skinnier than normal.
Ethan as usual posing.
Tom and Ethan with the tree.
Oli never looks at the camera
Finally I got my angel from my mom. She used to make these by the masses but trying to get one out of her for me took years.
Our stockings
Oli decorating the tree
The boys holding the lights for Tom.
I just laugh so hard when I see this picture I had to post it. He is really enjoying Christmas music right now so I think he was dancing and posing at the same time.

If ya cant tell, its cold.

Oli and Papa lookin for a tree.