Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy Weekend

If you cant tell Oli is #5 and Ethan is #3. Which is funny cause that's their ages backwards.
This was Oli's mid game melt down. He though Ethan was running away from him. He didn't realize Ethan was just chasing the ball.
Ethan really did a great job, he finally gets how to play and was really good at turning the ball around to get into the right net.
Oliver really has a great smile.
I know I know. When did we have sunshine. It was hot enough for this, and they were loving it. This is right after I thought it would be fun to wash the car. Well Mr. Oliver though it would be fun to pour the entire gallon of car wash soap into the half gallon of water. Lets just way I wont be washing the car with my children for awhile. AND before the soap incident when we started washing Oliver FREAKED out because his hand and arm got wet/soapy while getting the sponge out of the bucket. (he doesn't like being wet unless swimming/bathing/or in his swim suit) So Let just say I'm not sure I will ever wash the car with him again.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oliver's actual birthday

We took Ols to Red Robin for his birthday. He shockingly didnt eat his dinner, but he did share his sunday.
Oliver is usually like me and does NOT like to share. But he was such a good share boy.
It sure was a good night.
We sure love spending time with our family and friends.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Olivers Birthday/Mothers day

We had a very fun/busy day. The sun was out and it was BEAUTIFUL! I love the sun when we have it.

Ols got a sweet spiderman ship.
His cake was awesome
When did my lil boy get so big?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fun Times

So last week I went with Ethan on his field trip to Pioneer Farms. So many memories of when I went there when I was 10. I was laughing pretty hard. NOTHING has changed since then and Im pretty sure the lady that took us on the tour was the same lady that did mine all those years ago.
He wanted to milk the cow untill the guy showed he how. There was no way he was toughing those utters. Too funny.

All the kids loved climbing all over the wet and slippery rocks before the tour startedl I am still shocked that no one broke there leg.

I just love this picture. My sisters came to visit in April and we had a blast. I didnt take any pictures cause my camera has been broken. But I just got a new one yesterday so I will be bloging again.