Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt

Today is Matt's birthday so everyone came over for cake. When Ethan found out it was Matt's birthday he search his toy box until he found the Indana Jones toy from his birthday cake and gave it to Matt for his cake.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ethan Packed for the Lake

We are going to the Lake with Karli and her family tomorrow. I told Ethan this and he went to pack his bag. This is what he brought.
4 jammie shirts, 1 jammie pant, 7 underwears, 1 dirty sock, 1 clean sock, 1 pair of socks, 3 pairs of shorts and 0 shirts.
Now he just found out that I unpacked him so I could repack him and he is so mad that I wasted his time packing.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Day Out With Thomas

The boys had a fun day with Thomas. Oliver thought it was soo cool to go on a train ride. There werent a lot of activities but we still had fun.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Family FUN Night!!

We had a fun night taking the boys Mini Golfing. Ethan is pretty good while Oliver wanted to throw his ball in the water the whole time. When we were done we went to Baskin Robin for a delicious treat.

Me and Ethan

Saturday, July 4, 2009

White River 5K Results

Unfortunatly I think they got JJ and Haylee a little mixed up.. I think Haylee beat JJ but the results dont say that. Oopps! And they spelled Haylee's last name wrong.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Ok So I have been a little busy. First off I got a stress fracture in my right foot. That means I cant run and that makes me extremely grumpy. (sorry Tom) Next I didn't get to run in my 5K on June 20. Again not happy. But my mom is a rock star and ran it anyway and did it in 34 minutes. I will post the results when they become available. Karli ran under my name and although she did not do it as fast as I would of (thanks anyway) she did beat my time from last year. Way to go Kar. Haylee busted it out in like 24 minutes and JJ was close behind her at about 25 or 26. They did great and all the pictures I took are on my moms camera.
The other night Ethan told me and Tom that he was having a yard sale. I didn't know he even knew what that was but apparently he does. He had all these things out and wanted us to bargain with him. He sold me those blue converse for $1. Gotta love yard sales.
Oliver is starting to make a habit of not wanted to take a nap even though he needs one. Crying endlessly and then finally giving in where ever he is. This is on the landing between the stairs.
Thankfully we have had some beautiful weather. So the other night when tom got home we took off to Mud Mt. Damn. This is Ethan's favorite place to go on a nice day.
He gets a little scared of the waterfall at first, but then he cant get enough of it.
Oli is a little pouty (ok alot pouty lately) So he didn't want in the water.
And I am not a bad mom the other pictures are on my moms camera. But here is one of Ethan opening his favorite present. A bumble bee costume (transformers) He is really into dressing up right now so he lived in this for 2 days after his party. I cant believe he is 4 already. Where has the time gone. He is so big now. We had a party on a Saturday and his actual birthday was the next Tuesday. Well we had his cake on Saturday and he told me when I showed it to him that this cake was supposed to be his Birthday cake not his birthday party cake. So on his birthday I didn't do a cake and he was like where is my birthday cake mom? We went to red robin and he got a Sunday but that wasn't good enough.
As you can see the bumble bee costume under the sweater that great grandma knitted him. I know its pink. And fortunately it fits me perfect. So I just got a new cute sweater.
The boys pretty much live on this when we are down at the farm. Toms parents just got them a second battery because they burn though the first one so fast.
Oliver just sayin Cheese.
Oliver and Great Grandma. We had a thunder storm and he went straight to her. It was very sweet. We sure do love Great Grandma.

Nana & Ethan on the Slip 'N Slide

We went to Nana's house today and boys was it fun. We had a great dinner and some fun on the Slip 'N Slide. Nana did it about 6 times. Ethan thought it was awesome. How many Nana's do you know that slip n slide?