Friday, May 22, 2009

Our Fun Week

We went to the Zoo and just let the boys play. We didnt go from animal to animal. We just kinda wandered and had a fun visit with a few of the animals. Ethan liked not being rushed to all the animals.

We stopped by the park in front of the zoo to play on the toys. Ethan wanted to swing but all they had was baby swings. He still fits just nice.
They love to color in the star fish room. It only lasted for about a second but we always leave with a nice picture.
Ethan totally went through a "no pictures please" phase and has now decided to be total poser. I love it!!

I have these pictures backwards but I just wanted to show everyone how much Oli wants to be just like Ethan.

I just love this picture.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Oliver's Birthday, and Other days

So this is a little backwards but I don't have time to switch back. Today was Oliver's 2nd birthday. We had some family over for a little party. He has been riding around on Ethan's big bike for a few months so we decided to get him his own. If I would have snapped the picture 2 seconds earlier you really would have seen how excited he really was.
Ethan is also super stoked about Oliver's bike.
He also received some cars and a Thomas train and Track.
I made him a sweet train cake. He is not obsessed with Thomas but he really likes trains. We are taking him to the Day with Thomas at snoquallmy in July.
I am really proud of this cake. It turned out better than I expected. And I am just glad that I made extra cake in case of an emergency. And I used them so this is it. I don't think I have ever seen a better cake.
And Oliver Loved it.

So, Sorry I have been busy lately. But here will be a good update. This picture is for my sisters so show you how small my bum is getting. And this is a few weeks ago so it actually looks a little better now. I'm not sure what Tom was doing taking pictures of my bum?.?. I guess he thinks it looks good too!

Here is me and Oliver. I just love him so much. We went to the doc today for his 2 year check and of course he has an ear infection.

Mothers day was great. We spent the day down at the farm. There is no better place to be when its nice. I got to lay in a hammock. it was so nice. The boys made us a great dinner and I made the most amazing turtle brownies.

The boys really got to ride there gator ALL day. They ran that thing till the battery was dead.

I have had to work for all of Ethan's soccer games/practice but Oliver gets to go with Tom. They get to have so much fun without me on Saturday's.

Ethan's team is the LIONS. I like the green shirts. He is having a blast so far.