Thursday, July 31, 2008

Karli's House

So we went to Karli's house for a few days. There was an awesome fair that came to town so we got to go to that. Ethan Loved every minute of it. We got the kids bracelets so they just went on ride after ride. We went to a clown show and to the hypnotist. Me and Matt got picked to go up. Shocker but I did not get hypnotized. It was fun though.
Here is me with my lil sisters baby Lincoln. He is so little. I forgot how small they are at 1 month. He is a sweetie though he looks just like Lindsey.
Here is Ethan on the airplanes. Its kinda like the dumbo ride. You can make it go up and down.
Ethan and his cousin Millie on the roller coaster. I think they road this about 50 times. It was sweet that they got to be in the front row. I didn't get a picture but Ethan had both hands in the air. No fear for these 2.
Here is Ethan and his cousin Mark. Ethan only did this slide once and he was done. Mark on the other hand went down this slide about 100 times. No joke. There wasn't really a line so he just went over and over again.
They had this sweet fireman obstacle course. They had boots too but they were too big for Ethan. It was so cute. We had so much fun I think we will go back next year. It was well worth the money. It was so much fun seeing Ethan have so much fun with his cousins. Thanks Kar for the great week!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gone Fishin

Last week my brother Shawn had a great idea to take the kids fishing at a U-Fish place. It was pretty fun. The kids just wanted to play with the poles and dip them in the water but me and Shawn caught some fish. I don't eat fish but I have a lot of fun catching them.
This was Ethan's favorite pole. It has a picture of a pirate on it.
Shawn and Emma putting bate on the pole.
Emma was ready with her net when we caught a fish.
Ethan actually did catch a fish in the net.
Shawn and Stevie proud of their catch.

The First Game

He is number 7. Not a bad number. So they lined the kids up in order of number and each kid got to hit. The coach pitches to balls and if they don't hit it then they get the tee. Ethan did not hit the coach pitch but did manage to hit it off the tee. Its pretty funny all the parents are standing with their kid in the field. And when someone would hit the ball all the kids would run after it and tackle each other to get it.
I love that he is totally listening to the base coach.
He is on third ready to come home.
How cute are those hats. I love it.
I missed this play but I bet he took her out on his way home. That's what I would have done.
He did pretty well. When it was his teams turn to go to the outfield he did not want to do it. So he sat in the chair with me for a little while. Then he went and took a turn hitting the ball again. I left and had to go back to work after that. We need to work on holding the bat a little more. He says its too heavy so we will see. He's only 3 what do you expect. He did tell me this weekend though that he wanted to play football. Ya right.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Random Pictures

Ethan and Oliver love to take showers. Ethan just likes to lay down and Oliver likes to stand on him. They both laugh so hard.
This is the look Ethan gives me when I turn off the water and its time to get out.
This is Oliver after he gets out. he loves being clean and dry.
He loves getting into the oven mitts. He had on of them on and was waving but I didn't get the camera out in time.
This was last weekend and Tom's parents house. I took a great nap in the hammock. I could live in one of those. Moments before this picture Tom put Oli in the hammock and then Oliver flipped out and almost landed on his head. Tom was quick to catch him.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

T-Ball Practice

I missed the first practice but everyone said it was the funniest thing you have ever seen. All the kids tried to field their own balls and no one could catch. They could hit the ball pretty well off the T and most of them could throw. The batter helmets were too big for all the kids but Ethan. So that is one perk of having a big head. He was mad they didn't get to play of the real field. That one was too big for them. All in all he had a great practice. Unfortunately he will miss his first game. We will be in Idaho, but I will make sure he wont miss any others.
He has always had a great arm so throwing was no problem for him. The coach told him to throw the ball to 1st base but he threw it at the runner instead.
Then when the coach wasn't looking he threw the ball at his bum. Luckily they were practicing with tennis balls.

He was mad this lady was helping him. He already knows how to hit the ball so he was irritated she wouldn't leave him alone.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Results are in

So the results are in for the 5K I ran in a few weeks ago. I placed 7th in my division. Not bad for my first race. My best friend Brenda got 6th. She beat me by just over a minute. So we are pretty excited about that. Our next race isn't until Sept 7th. We are running the Iron Girl 10K. So we will see how we do in that one. I will try and add the results link I hope it works.

Just scroll through until you find me.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July and Silly boys

This was the first year Ethan actually stayed up for fireworks. When the first one went off he said, Mom!! Its just like at Disneyland!! He had fun with his morning glory. That was all I would let him touch. I don't mind watching fire works but I don't want to participate in lighting them off.
Ethan with his Papa and his morning glory
Ethan and Daddy.
Ethan after his haircut. I am so lucky he just lets me do it without a fuss. I am a freak about getting all the pieces so he has to sit for awhile. He is so good.
Ethan decided to share his pudding cup with Oliver while daddy wasn't paying attention. These two are always up to something. You cant turn your back for a moment.
And I just got a call from Ethan's T-ball coach. His first practice is this Saturday. I have to work so I wont get to go. I am pretty bummed but I will have Tom take lots of pictures.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

When Lightening Strikes

So I pretty much had the scariest morning of my entire life. Me and my running partner/best friend/co-worker, Brenda went for our Thursday morning 4 mile run. Last night we had a bit of a lightening storm with some pretty wicked thunder but that was last night and early this morning. So we decided to still run (against my husbands wishes.) We made it about 2 1/2 miles and then the thunder came. It was pretty scary, and even scarier when the lightening came. So we were running pretty fast. All said and done and hour time was really good. So anyway when we were about to hit the last road crossing for our last 1/2 mile lightening struck about 6 feet from us. It hit a railroad crossing sign and sparks flew. I think I just broke the world record for high jump. It was so scary. So I turn to Brenda to be like oh @#$% and she is green. She says I got hit and she almost collapsed. I caught her before she hit the ground and started getting out my phone to call anyone and she kinda gets up and tells me shes fine lets just get back to the car. So we get back to the car after the scariest walk because it is now a monsoon and the lightening is so close. I took her to the Doctor and she is fine. But I think I am still in actual shock. So If you get anything out of this story NEVER GO RUNNING IN A THUNDER AND LIGHTENING STORM. We are just so lucky we are OK.

Mud Mountain

On Wednesday we went to Mud Mountain Dam. I was such a great park that is so close I cant believe I never went before. The boys had a blast. There is a small pool that has a water fall in the middle you can kinda see it in the background. There is a huge grass area and tons of picnic tables. And there is 4 play toys and swings. The picnic table area's are covered and are really nice. It was just so much fun.
Oliver eating lunch. He eats twice as much as Ethan.
When Ethan went through the water fall he just laughed and screamed. I don't know if he loved it or was scared. He would only do it when Brenda went with him though.
He sure loves playing on the toys.
The water was a good temp. and Oliver could stand in it by himself. He just keeps trying to dunk his head so I had to watch him like a hawk.
We had such a great day.