Friday, March 28, 2008

First Dentist Appointment

So Ethan had his first dentist appointment. He did amazing. He let them take ex-rays and clean his teeth and floss and do the fluoride. Then the dentist came in and looked at them. No cavities. I was so proud of him. They were all so impressed with him. I am so lucky.

After the dentist we went to the movies. This was Ethan's first movie. We saw Horton hears a Who. It was so fun. I got him a kids pack with popcorn and a neminade as he calls it. He loved that. When I went to put him in the seat it popped back up. He isn't heavy enough to hold it down. But not thinking about a booster I just let him sit on my lap the whole time. He sat through the whole movie and laughed pretty hard at some parts. Me and him had a really good day together. I am going to try and take a day for each of them so I can enjoy them separately.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Month is it??

So I went to work yesterday and what happened???? It started to snow. And snow.... And SNOW!!! And it hasn't stopped!!! Figured that is would melt last night and all would be normal today. Nope, I woke up and its still snowing.

Friday, March 21, 2008

So Cute!!

I know all parents think this, but holy crap this is the cutest kid ever. I go back and forth on which one is the cutest and there is no winner. They are both so cute.
Ethan really likes putting bubbles on his brother
Is this kid a HAM or what. When he would see me hold the camera up he would smile so big. I have about 10 pictures of him smiling so goofy.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Best Friends

Silly Girl
She looks like Winnie in this
He was busy working
They were busy working together
I just think this is the cutest picture. Plus I think he looks just like me.

Our New Trampoline!!!!!

So Shawn came over today and convinced me to let him set up the trampoline. He got it together and then we couldn't figure out why it was to slippery. The mat was upside down. So he had to take all the springs off and flip it. Not work for me and it really didn't take him that long. In the end we had fun. Still a bit too chilly. And if you are thinking "where is the safety net?" I am anti safety so we are not getting one.
Bunch a bouncers
flipping the mat
I think he likes it. He kept trying to jump off the edge though.
And no we are not happy about the logo in the middle.
Shawny and Emma
He would live in this if I let him

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ethan and Oliver

I love this hat and I love this shirt. Is was Bubbies shirt that he got from someone else. It has been through boys. So cute though. Oli didn't like the hat very much though. I guess I will only have one hat wearing kid.

My Sword Fighters

Ethan favorite thing to do is sword fight. Not because he is obsessed with pirates, but because he is obsessed with the horsey guy from Zelda. Tom was tired of using a wooden spoon to fight with so he got himself a sword too. Ethan has told me though that I am not allowed to use daddy's sword. So I am not allowed to fight. I was poking Ethan in the bummy with it and Tom told me not to do that cause then Ethan would think its OK. So I don't do that any more. But the other day Tom was getting Ethan on the bummy and Ethan was laughing and turned and stabbed Tom in the spine. He was down for the count. I was trying not to laugh but he always tells me don't do things because Ethan will think its OK and then this happens. Serves him right.

Oliver likes to get in on the action too.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Our Week

So I was in my friends wedding last Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding. And I wore the shoes all night. The boys that night did not feel well you could tell. Even though Ethan was a dancing machine. Oliver was really sleepy. The next day I was throwing up and both boys had high fevers. So Monday was miserable and Tuesday Tom had to stay home with them and Wed again miserable. Thursday I woke up in so much pain I just cried. So I took the boys to daycare praying they could stay because I was in no state to take care of them. My body was in so much pain. Of course I couldn't get in to the doctor until 4. Well at 3:30 daycare calls. They are both sick with fevers so I need to come get them. I am still in sweats and a tank. It takes 45 minutes to get to daycare and back on a day. And I have 30 minutes to get there and to the doctor. The doc luckily is about 5 minutes closer to daycare. So I throw some cloths on that totally didn't match but I really didn't care. Then I take off. Planning on speeding the whole way so I am not late for the doc, I take off down the street. The road when you pull out of my neighborhood is 3 miles of 25 MPH I get stuck behind a car going 20. Then I just start crying. I have never needed to go to the doctor more in my life and now I am going to be late and they are probably going to tell me they cant see me. Plus now I am thinking I have to take both kids with me, and that is always a struggle. So I finally get to the end of that road and that car turns the opposite way. But of course I get stuck behind a construction truck and a school bus. Both that are going 30 in a 45. I again start crying. I finally get to day care being stuck behind the bus all the way to the daycares neighborhood. They help be load the boys because I have no strength to carrie them. And I go a different way back and am only 7 minutes late. Which meant I only had to wait in the waiting room for 3 minutes. I have influenza. The actual flu. Not the stomach flu the bad flu. So now I get vicodin for the pain and antibiotics. I feel better today but I still hurt alot. Oliver I think is teething so he is miserable and Ethan is still at 101 even though he is jumping on his bed right now. So I stayed home today and kept them both home with me. We are having a pretty good day so far.

And Dont forget Ethan