Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Ethan

My Ethan has been too funny lately. A few weeks ago he was in the bathtub and he says, "MOM!!!" I say what honey? He says "My pee pee is broken!!!!" I say how is it broken? He says "There's a hole in it!!!" I say that's where your pee comes out. He says "IT IS!?!?!?!" This kid is hilarious.
He loves going and visiting Papa. This was the first time he even sat on the tractor. He loves tractors but not to sit on them. He always goes on gator rides so this was a big deal for him to sit on it. He even moved the bucket up and down and drove it around a little.
He hasn't been taking naps for a while, so now he will just crash on the couch when ever he feels.
Two of his favorite things. The tubes and his light saber.
This is at Papa and Grandma's house. He runs so much when we are there he takes great naps.
I think I might have already posted this one but I just think its so cute. He loves playing Mario kart even though he just drives off the edge.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Ols

Just a few pictures of my Ols. He was such a funny boy today. He took 2 good naps (and that never happens) and he was just so happy and silly. This picture is from about a week ago. He loves very soft things. He doesn't sleep with this dinosaur but this nap he grabbed it and wouldn't let go.
This is his I am faking being grumpy. He is a really good faker
No more pictures please.
This is his scary cheese face. Its an extremely rare shot.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Olivers 1st Birthday

We started Oli's birthday at Goofy's kitchen. We had a great breakfast, he was a little scared of the characters but not too bad. They came out and sang happy birthday to him and brought him this yummy cupcake. He didn't eat it though.
Then we had a second cake at dinner. This was a much better cake. It was shaped as Mickey Mouse. It was really cute and he had fun eating it.Not quite as messy as Ethan was at his first birthday, but he still required a bath when he was done.
He really liked sweets. And since he is the second child he gets a lot more than Ethan ever did. I kinda let loose and let then go a little crazy with the sweets because we were on vacation. They were both on a nice sugar rush.
And this is as messy as he got.

They are here!!

This is just outside the Mad Hatter Hat store. Ethan decided to go with the pirate mickey ear hat. Good choice I though. How cute is he????!!!!
Ethan likes this surf board. It sprayed water so while it was spraying he jumped off and soaked his foot. Silly boy.
Here is Oliver checking out Toad. It was a wild ride. I always forget that on this ride it goes through "hell" and you just get drenched with heat. You gotta go on it though.
As you can see Oliver has no shoe on. I am going to call him the shoeless boy. This kid is always missing one or both. We are lucky we didn't really lose one. It always seemed to turn up.
We loved seeing Mickey Mouse. Oliver even liked him. But boy does it gotta suck for those people.. They have to be so hot. And dealing with bratty kids. I am a happy person but I couldn't do it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Disneyland Vacation

Ok so I know you are expecting pictures but since my new memory card is a major P.O.S, I am unable to move them onto my computer until my husband comes home tonight. We had an excellent time. Both boys were great. Al though Oliver just wanted to run around and we had to contain him, he had a bit of a hard time. And I am never flying with an infant again. Ethan did great though I would fly with him again. I will post again as soon as I can figure out this stupid memory card.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a Week

So this week we got Mario Kart for our Wii. It comes with this steering wheel that you put the remote in and use it just like a steering wheel. Its pretty cool. Ethan loves this game. He mostly just drives off the edge but so do I so he does pretty well. He was just playing and the next thing we new he was passed out in the middle of the game. It was pretty cute. Oliver is just so silly. He smiles like such a cheese ball when you say CHEESE! And he does this all the time. Or if you just smile really big at him he will do his cheese smile. He is such a smiley baby when he wants to be.
Getting ready for our trip. So we made a chain with Ethan last week. We are going to Disneyland on Saturday so we figured it was time. He had a lot of fun doing is "Art Project" He made the whole thing by him self. Except for the cutting part. He was so happy when we were done. This trip has been planned for about 6 months so I am so excited that it is finally here almost. We will be flying with Toms parents and Nana so 5 adults for 2 kids should be great.
Oliver just loves the John Deere Buck. He either rides it around the living room or uses it as a walker. Even though he can walk. He has been full time walking for about 2 weeks now. But if he cant get somewhere fast enough he will just sit down and cry.

And the baby ruth. So last night after I put Oli to bed I decided to drive down to Sumner/Orting to find the foothills trail. Me and a friend just started running together so we wanted to run the path but didn't know where it was. So anyway me and Ethan drove down there to find it. We found it so then I need to do a work bank deposit and get some milk for Oli since he is now done with formula. So we go into Fred Meyer and look around at some things. I got a new watch with a stop watch for my running and at $9 who can beat that. Then we get the milk and of course some ice cream. We get in line and I see Ethan looking at all the candy. So I say no candy bud we got ice cream for a snack tonight. And I turn to run my debit card. The guy working asked me a question about the ice cream because it was in a weird size and then we left. As we are walking out of the store Ethan says mom can I have my candy. I'm like, we didn't get candy bud we just got ice cream. He says no mom its in the bag. I look in the bag and the little booger put the candy on the belt when we were checking out and I was talking to the cashier so I didn't notice. I did not and Have not given him the candy. At least I paid for it right?