Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Karli's House

For Thanksgiving we went to my sisters house. She made a wonderful dinner just like I like it. After stuffing as much food in my belly as I could we went to the church gym to play some games. Me and Haylee played some basketball while the kids rode bikes and kicked balls around. We had a great day.
The weather was really nice too. We are all wearing coats but we could have gotten away with long sleeves. It was about 61 there. We spent alot of time outside playing.
Ethan couldn't go fast enough on the swings or this one. Which is funny because he is usually a really big scardy cat.

Oliver and Lil Mark had a blast on Marks 4 wheeler. Mark was nice enough to take Oliver around for a while. Actually Oliver wouldn't get off the thing so everyone who took a turn had to give him a ride.
Megan wasn't aloud to ride it because she is to big but failed to tell me this and only got to the end of the drive way before she got busted and had to get off. Oliver was really excited to sit in from but it was short lived.
Ethan and Oliver having a blast.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Busy Times

So we have been quite busy. Lisa and Amelia came to visit from Puerto Rico. We are having the greatest time. We are so glad they came. Karli and her family came up to see them so we were busy this weekend hanging out. Karli left on Sunday and on Monday we went to the Children's museum in Olympia. It was pretty small but it was so much fun we cant wait to go back.
This was a fun water table, you could put the slats is and race boats or balls or whatever you want down it.
The best part of the day was when I took Ethan potty and he got a little pee on the back of his pants. So when he felt it he had a total meltdown and had to take the pants off. The thing is we didn't have an extra set of cloths so we are sitting there and he is crying and trying to take is pants off in the middle of the museum, a girl that worked there must have hear us so she came over and told me they have some sweat pants or something he could wear and she could put his pants in the dryer. So she went to look for pants and when she came back all she could find were lime green girl stretch pants with butterfly's on them. Ethan did not want to wear these, but he really didn't want to wear his wet pants so I turned them inside out and told him they were just green boy pants. He still didn't want to wear them, but didn't want to go home yet so here he is in his girly stretch pants.
Here is Ethan hard at work shoveling the rocks into the back of the truck Oliver and Amelia were driving. He said it was hard work but he wants to go back as soon as we can.
Little Amelia likes crawling in this truck to drive it. She is sooooo little but she can sure get around. She is really good and pulling herself up and standing.
Ethan's dreams came true. Anyone who spends time with Ethan knows that he is totally obsessed with fire safety, and Ambulances, and fire trucks and calling 911 in an emergency. He tell me all the time he is going to be a fire man, a police man, an ambulance driver, and a poison control operator. So when he saw this he hopped right in.
Ethan found a tree full of apples and loaded up his basket.
Lisa went grocery shopping and got lots of fresh produce.
Here is Oliver driving the delivery truck. It was full of produce that Ethan picked from the garden.
Ethan is becoming quite the photographer. He took this great picture.
The kids were cooperating so we have a nice family picture. You would never guess it was freezing cold outside.
These guys had a sweet game of pit going on. They were kind enough to let me take a picture. I think Megan was cleaning up in this game.
We had some cousins come and visit. We were lucky to have them all sit for us in age order to get a great picture. We were just sad that out of the 13 we were only missing 4.
Oliver chasing Amelia because she has one of his toys (that is actually Ethan's) He does not like to share things with her, especially his mom.

Oli and Ethan doing what they normally do. Being Dangerous.

Here is Oliver giving Lisa some good smooches.

Monday, November 3, 2008

We are back

So our computer broke and now it is fixed. Thank goodness I have a smart husband who can fix it so we don't have to send it off. Anyway we have been semi busy. My work has been pretty slow and Tom has been on jury duty. But it still seems like we don't have a minute to breath. Ethan has had soccer and Oliver has just been Oliver. Word explosion has hit this week so he can pretty much say anything you tell him. He said cookie today. How cute is that?

This is Ethan at his soccer game. He loves to play goalie. He does this move every time he blocks a goal. He actually is pretty good. It is so fun to watch.

This is Oliver eating a "test" cupcake. I made cupcakes for daycare on Halloween. They have spiders on them. They turned out really good.

Here is our Halloween crew. Top left is Ariel she is Link from Zelda. Then we have Cohen aka Anikan Skywalker, Ethan aka Obie One Kanobe, Calvin aka Jengo Fet, Coby aka Darth Vader, Oliver aka Master Yoda, Baby Ryan, shes a flower.
We had a great time trick or treating. Sorry if I spelled the star wars names wrong. It was so fun to take the kids out this year, they were really into it. I was Waldo and Tom was Clark Kent.

These are my spider cupcakes. They were delicious The body is a marshmallow dipped in black sugar. the legs are red licorice.